Coconut Oil Winner + Weekend Things

Gooooood Monday morning to you all!

Thanks to everyone who participated in my very first giveaway! The winner of the Tropical Traditions Giveaway is...drumroll please!

Congrats to Kylie Carlson! You are the lucky winner of the 32 oz. jar of Virgin Coconut Oil! I will shoot you an email shortly.

And now for a few outtakes from the weekend...

Traditional english Christmas cake was made. My Grandma's old recipe that has been made every Christmas since I can remember. Stay tuned for pictures and a recipe.

Mmm, Saturday night homemade pizza.

I made my red fife pizza dough from scratch...100% whole grain!

Now it smells like Christmas in the house!

Navigating the tree lights.

I have a recipe in the works for later this week. Here's a hint: they're made with apples.