Hi, I'm Jennifer, the face behind Edible Sound Bites. Thanks for stopping by. I'm very excited to be starting this food blog. So let me tell you a bit about myself to get this virtual ball rolling. First things first, I love food! More specifically the kind that nurture's your body, tastes great, and will love you back. I'm also talking about the kind that you put your love and care into using real, fresh ingredients (a pinch of sugar now and then doesn't hurt either). I've learned that you can make stellar tasting meals and treats without compromising your health or your tastebuds. Besides my love for food, I also love lifting weights, music, biking, hiking, coffee shops, acoutics + home theatres, and of course photography. Oh and I should mention that I'm also addicted to almond and peanut butter!

Please check out my about page to learn more. Stay tuned and enjoy!